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Our Commitment

National parks tell the story of America, embodying its beauty, culture, and heritage. WNPA helps discover, preserve, and share that story.

But the American story is rapidly unfolding. In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, WNPA is committed to discovery: new knowledge, new understanding, and new ways to engage with society.

  • Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona

  • Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, California

  • Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, California

  • Ft. Union National Monument, New Mexico

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Partner Parks

WNPA supports 71 national park partners across 12 western states.

Throughout our 80-year history as a partner of the National Park Service, we’ve provided millions of dollars in support to national parks across the West. Today we operate stores in all of our partner parks, develop park-focused publications and products, and design programs to get visitors to the parks. We also fund historical, social, and environmental research that creates a better understanding of parks.

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The National Parks Store

Open daily 10 AM–5 PM. 

Your purchases support parks.

Bring parks to the people and get people to the parks. The National Parks Store in Tucson, Arizona, is a gateway to the beauty, culture, and heritage of national parks throughout the region. It’s the jumping-off point for educational park tours. It’s also the site for events, activities, and programs designed to foster new connections to national parks.

Park Research

WNPA supports research at National Parks

Since 1938, WNPA has funded scientific research to help advance the management, preservation, and interpretation of our national parks. We are committed to supporting meaningful inquiry in parks, helping shape the national park experience for every visitor. One of the key goals of our research program is interpretation—turning research findings into relevant narratives that engage, inform, and entertain.

For our national parks to flourish, each new generation must be able to connect with the public lands that are part of our natural and cultural heritage.

Discover some of the historical, social, and environmental research projects that WNPA has funded in recent years.

Review WNPA’s top three proposals for FY 2017, FY 2018, and FY 2019.

Learn more about one of our founders, researcher and scholar Emil W. Haury.


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Research Matters

Moth Man and His Multitudinous Mysteries

Before 2007, scientists knew little about the pale moths that inhabit the wave-like dunes of White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. Since then, with support from Western National Parks Association, entomologist Eric Metzler has discovered more than 50 new species of these moths. Most live only in this fragile protected space.

Join writer Hannah Hindley as she shares the excitement of Metzler’s discoveries. Hindley, a graduate student in creative writing, is taking a Science Journalism class at the University of Arizona.

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Western National Parks Association’s Members, Donors, and Community Partners give thousands of people a deeper understanding of our more than 70 partner parks. Their commitment promotes education in the areas of nature, culture, history, and recreation. They make it possible for WNPA to provide unique extended learning opportunities and enhance what the National Park Service is able to offer park visitors.

Give today! You can make a positive impact on the preservation and interpretation of our outstanding national parks.

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